Interactive experiences, from jams to experiments.

The following games have been compiled for MS Windows. However, I actually both developped and compiled everything here on GNU/Linux! But I don't know anything about packaging apps for the penguin. :(
As such, I've made sure to make the source code available.
So, if you feel like compiling the projects yourself: good luck...

Future games should be easier to maintain; the main issue is: I haven't used (enough) version numbering. My games depend on my game engine (the HGE) that only has one "official" release. But all my games haven't been made using that version of the engine. They have been created using some weird modified version. WINE works great, for now.
Anyway, here's my gitlab.

River Fire

You throw molotovs across the river and Observe the Fire from the Opposite Shore.

Ghost Plane

You play as a wizard in a tile based world trying to reach the goal whilst avoiding invisible ghosts.

With Open Wings

Master the bird's wing to dive, swoop, flap and glide your way to the top! This being a jam game, you have no one else to compare yourself too other than yourself. What times can you score on the 9 default levels?

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